Terpenes: Prized & Potent

A Surefire Sign of Quality

When it comes to choosing a cannabis product, there’s more to consider than just THC and CBD levels. The terpene content can also have a great impact on your overall experience.

Terpenes are how each plant shows us what it’s made of.

Terpenes are organic compounds present in a wide variety of plants. The building blocks of many essential oils, each has a unique character that gives a plant its “signature” scent.

Cannabis produces more terpenes in much higher amounts than other plants – a major reason why it has such a strong, standout aroma. Cannabis can contain more than 100 different terpenes in varying combinations and concentrations, all contributing to the distinct smell, taste, and experience offered by each strain.

These unique terpene profiles can be used to differentiate strains and provide clues about its potential effects. For example, a plant with high levels of Limonene often produces an energizing or uplifting experience. Meanwhile, one high in Myrcene may tend to offer more relaxing, sedative feelings. Many terpenes have shown potential antibacterial1, anti- inflammatory2, or antidepressant3 activity, especially in combination with other cannabinoids like CBD in an “entourage effect”. Still others may interact with and alter the impacts of THC, making them more or less intense4.

Effects can always vary depending on the plant itself and the individual chemistry of the person using it. Consumers and patients may prefer products with a specific terpene profile for the experience they need or desire most.

When comparing the wide range of cannabis options, concentration of terpenes is a trustworthy signifier of a premium product.

There’s just no experience quite like the first whiff of a powerful cannabis product’s intoxicating aroma. The challenge is that terpenes are very delicate molecules, and they can easily be lost or damaged during processing and storage.

This is why many mass-produced forms of cannabis contain low or no detectable terpene levels. In contrast, premium cannabis products tend to retain more of the plant’s terpenes, resulting in a stronger, more distinct, and tantalizing aroma as well as more potent effects.

For example, the highest-quality flower is bred specifically for desirable qualities through pheno hunting process. By starting with superior cultivars, providing optimal nutrients, and giving artisan-level attention to plants, growers can generate diverse and bountiful terpene profiles. Whether small-batch or on a large scale, ensuring that each plant is skillfully harvested, hand-trimmed, dried and cured with care helps safeguard its delicate compounds.

When it comes to concentrates, that same terpene-rich, prized, and premium flower can be used to create an experience that is truly reflective of the plant’s quality. Using trailblazing methods like fresh-frozen process the can keep terpenes intact for peak freshness.

As premium cannabis products tend to retain more of their original terpene content, it’s important to look for those crafted with a conscious respect for the plant’s precious natural qualities. That’s one way you can be confident you’re getting the best value and enjoying every benefit of the products you invest in.


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