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1408, 2023

If you don’t know, now you Nano!

Nanomedicines are a growing category of unique offerings at Trulieve dispensaries! Using a combination of highly advanced techniques (sonication and encapsulation), our Nanomedicines can provide relief with precision and extreme speed. Big relief at Nanoscopic Scale Nanomedicines, such as our TruNano Tinctures & Sweet Talk™ Nano (Fast-Acting) Gummies, get their names from the size of the individual cannabinoid molecules that are [...]

1408, 2023

Here Comes CBN: What is Cannabinol?

It was still the 19th century when the first cannabinoid was isolated and its structure elucidated by researchers. Cannabinol (CBN) took its place in history as the first cannabinoid ever discovered more than a century ago. And then it was largely ignored. Now, though, researchers are examining CBN anew. Having developed the theory of the entourage effect, or phytocannabinoids working [...]

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